The Utilities Appetizer Plates

The Utilities Appetizer Plates

Munch on your favorite appetizers with this set of four ceramic Utilities Appetizer Plates featuring popular Monopoly game board spaces! These include Community Chest, Electric Company, Water Works and Luxury Tax. Or you can simply display them as fun collectibles! Bring a piece of the best-selling game in the world to your party!

Monopoly Wine Charms

Monopoly Wine Charms

Monopolize profits with these playful Monopoly Wine Charms featuring nostalgic tokens and icons from the best-selling game in the world! This set of six wine glass charms features some of your favorite Monopoly board spaces or player pieces including Free Parking, Chance, Go To Jail, Community Chest, Top Hat, Dog or Shoe. So "take a ride on Reading" and come for the ride! Each set (board spaces or player pieces) sold separately.

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