Monopoly Books

The Monopoly Companion: The Player's Guide: The Game From A to Z, Winning Tips, Trivia
by Philip Orbanes

A fun-packed guide to the history, rules and winning strategies behind the world's most popular board game!

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Everything I Know About Business I Learned from Monopoly
by Alan Axelord

Playfully examines how to apply the game's strategies to real-life business situations.

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Game Makers: The Story of Parker Brothers, From Tiddledy Winks to Trivial Pursuit
by Phillip E. Orbanes

Industry expert Phil Orbanes reveals how, by adhering to the principles of its founder, Parker Brothers rose to prominence, overcame obstacles, and forged lasting success.

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Mr. Monopoly's Amusement Park: A Math Adventure (My First Games / Monopoly Jr)
by Jackie Glassman

A great introduction to math and money skills for second and third graders.

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Monopoly Junior Math Madness (Hasbro)
by Howie Dewin and I. M. Fien

Contains puzzles to test math skills in fun and entertaining ways.

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Monopoly Junior
by Sara Miller

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The Billion Dollar Monopoly(r) Swindle
by Ralph Anspach

Part detective novel, part history, and part horror story, The Billion Dollar MonopolyŽ Swindle not only recounts the true history behind one of the world's most popular board games but also reveals a world where the law sometimes seems as arbitrary and unfair as a "Go directly to jail" card.

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